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What is Cycle Insurance?

Many household insurance policies have limitations or significant exclusions when it comes to covering cyclists, meaning that for an employee to ensure their bike is covered, they may need specialist cycling insurance.

Bike Handles


Why is Cycle Insurance Important?

Research has shown that one in three household policies don’t cover bikes away from home. Even with home contents insurance, it’s likely they’ll have to add their bike onto their policy for an extra cost, and even then it probably won’t be insured away from home.

With Advantage Cycle Protect, members can rest assured their bike is covered against theft and damage whether they're at home or out and about, including abroad for up to 60 days per year. Advantage Cycle Protect also protects a member's legal liability if they accidentally injure someone or cause damage to property whilst riding their bike.


Advantage Cycle Protect may also be used to cover company owned cycles under a commercial contract with your company.

Advantage Cycle Protect can be administered through the Advantage Vault portal, allowing for significant savings in both cost and administration when compared to running the sign-up process by way of flex platform or via internal administration, and qualify for a multi-product discount when offered alongside additional Advantage benefit products and services.


The following cover is provided in £500 increments up to £2,000 under the Advantage Cycle Protect policy:

  • New for old replacement if your bike is stolen or beyond economical repair

  • Cover for Theft and Accidental Damage

  • Mechanical Breakdown cover (broken gears, chains, brakes etc)

  • Personal Accident cover

  • Public Liability cover

  • Worldwide cover

  • Legal Expenses cover

  • Identity Theft cover

Please contact us for additional details and to talk through any questions.

If your company offers your employees a "Cycle to Work" bike purchase scheme, typically that plan will not provide insurance to protect the bike of the rider. By offering Advantage Cycle Protect alongside your "Cycle to Work" scheme, you provide your employees with a valued opportunity to access such cover at an extremely competetive price.

Offering a saving of up to 25% on the cost of purchasing a comparable cycle insurance policy as an individual without the premium reductions offered by a group-purchase arrangement, Advantage Cycle Protect can be offered to employees on either a company-funded or employee-funded basis via premium deduction from salary, or on a retail basis with premiums being paid directly by the employee by way of monthly or annual Direct Debit payment. 

Peace of mind doesn't have to break the bank

Don't wait until it's too late. Protect your employees with affordable Cycle cover from Advantage

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