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Health Cash Plan or Medical Cover? Which is Right for Your Employees?

At Advantage we offer both Health and Medical Insurance Plans. Understanding the difference will help you choose which is the right one for your company.

Health Cash Plan or Medical Insurance?

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Health Cash Plan

Health Cash Plans are designed to assist with your employees' general everyday healthcare costs, be it paying for travel to and from a hospital appointment, a contribution towards their annual dental visit and eye test, or a course of physiotherapy, acupuncture of chiropody, or a contribution towards consultants' fees. 


Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance, or PMI, is designed to provide comprehensive reimbursements towards a range of extensive medical treatments, for example hospital fees for in-patient and out-patient procedures, home nursing, private ambulance fees and cancer treatment.         

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Before you compare health insurance, it’s worth thinking about what you want from your policy. As with almost all aspects of life, picking the right insurance cover depends entirely on your personal circumstances.

We cannot advise you on which cover is appropriate for you. However, below are a few factors to consider when making your selection.

It is worth considering offering both Advantage Health and Advantage Medical concurrently, allowing your employees the opprtunity to decide which cover provides the benefits which they most value based on their own circumstances.

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The treatments you want to cover

It's important to think about what illnesses or treatments you want to cover. Are you looking to cover your employees for their annual dental check-up, eye test and some physio for those general aches and pains, or are you concerned about their being able to afford private treatment in the event of suffering from cancer or another potentially life changing condition? 

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The type of policy you’d be happy with

With different policies to choose from, it’s vital that you choose health insurance that covers your employees' needs. If you’re looking for all-round cover including hospitalisation, a comprehensive PMI policy may be what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a lower cost option, providing a contribution to your ongoing general health related costs, the Advantage Health cash plan may be the answer for you.

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