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According to an insight report from Glassdoor, 58% of employees would prefer employee benefits and perks related to physical and mental wellbeing.

Healthy at any age

What tools do you use to reduce employee sickness?

We know only too well that as a small business owner it can be a difficult and daunting task to provide your employees with the health and wellness protection that they deserve. From seemingly impregnable jargon, to the thought of working with (and paying!) a broker, there are seemingly many reasons that prevent employers from seeking the protection their employees both desire and deserve.

However, there is a very simple and affordable solution………

An employee health plan from Advantage Health plays a pivotal role in reducing employee sickness through multifaceted strategies. Firstly, it facilitates preventive care measures such as dental treatments, optical cover including eye tests, vaccinations, screenings, and wellness programs, fostering early detection of health issues and promoting overall well-being. This proactive approach helps employees maintain optimal health and reduces the risk of illnesses.

Secondly, by offering comprehensive coverage for medical services, an employee health plan ensures that individuals seek timely medical attention when needed. Early intervention not only accelerates recovery but also prevents the escalation of health conditions, minimizing the duration and severity of sickness-related absences.

In essence, an Advantage Health plan acts as a preventive and responsive healthcare solution, promoting overall health, timely medical intervention, and proactive wellness initiatives—all of which collectively contribute to a significant reduction in employee sickness.

And as a special 20th-anniversary offer, any business that requests a quotation for any Advantage Health benefit cover, and subsequently takes out one or more policy will receive either a £50 Amazon voucher or £50 off your first-year premium fees for companies of 5 employees or less, or a £100 Amazon voucher or £100 off your premium fees for companies of 6 or more employees.

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