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What is Advantage Rewards?

The Advantage Rewards retail discount program provides employees with exclusive discounts on various products and services from partnering retailers and suppliers. This employer-offered perk allows staff to enjoy cost savings on everyday purchases, fostering employee satisfaction, and creating a positive workplace culture.

Window Shopping

Why is a retail discounts program so important?

Employee discount schemes are one of those perks that can make a decent job good, and a good job into something special.

For an employee, a little incentive goes a long way towards making an employee feel valued, respected, and appreciated, feeling like a part of your team rather than a cog in a machine. For the employer, those abstract feelings yield real, tangible benefits, such as increased employee loyalty, higher job satisfaction and lower employee turnover rates.


You may not be able to dish out all the posh perks that big tech companies can, however, even as a small business, with an employer-sponsored Advantage Rewards program, you can give your team an extensive range of meaningful rewards that will have them thankful they’re a part of your team.

What you offer in your employee discount programs and what they look like can vary greatly. Advantage Rewards include discounts for gym memberships, travel discounts, and retail discounts for a wide range of exciting and popular brands. Advantage Rewards also includes a range of grocery discounts and take a chunk off of your employee’s food bill!


With over a thousand offers available online, your employees, and their families, are bound to benefit from Advantage Rewards membership.

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