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What is Dental Cover?

Access to a comprehensive dental plan plays an important role in supporting your employees’ health, and should form part of the bedrock of an organization's employee benefits offering. Giving employees the incentive to visit the dentist regularly helps identify oral health problems and other medical issues before they become painful, costly to resolve, and require extended time away from work.


Why is Dental Cover so Important?

The British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy estimates that more than 45 percent of adults are affected by gum disease, which may increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and, pre-term birth, and can complicate symptoms associated with diabetes and other medical conditions. The good news is that gum disease can be prevented or slowed with regular preventative dental care. Regular dental visits can also lead to an early diagnosis of oral cancer.

How Does Advantage Dental Cover Work?


At Advantage we offer two styles of cover, a percentage reimbursement plan, and a menu-based plan, allowing you the flexibility to offer whichever is more appropriate to your requirements. Details of both plans can be found below:
















Both Wisdom and Clarity plans can be administered through the Advantage Vault portal, allowing for significant savings in both cost and administration when compared to running the sign-up process by way of flex platform or via internal administration, and both qualify for a multi-product discount when offered alongside additional Advantage benefit products and services.

Advantage Wisdom

Offers four levels of percentage reimbursement cover with treatments split across three categories: Preventative, minor and major.

Advantage Clarity

Provides up to eight levels of increasing cover laid out in a straightforward menu format.

Group dental plans can help address affordability issues. For employers, providing a company-funded or affordable employee-funded dental plan for employees can be a sound investment.

A group dental plan will enable employees to seek regular, preventative dental care. In this way, employers can provide a benefit that will help prevent future sickness absence and may even help keep private medical insurance premiums down. Advantage offers a range of employer dental insurance plans to suit different needs from affordable discounted schemes to comprehensive dental cover.

Cover can be provided on either a company-funded basis, employee-funded basis, or a combination of the two with both the employee and the employer funding a proportion of the cost. Where the employee funds the whole, or an element of the premium, the employer would usually collect this by way of deduction from salary.

Peace of mind doesn't have to break the bank

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