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Each of your clients are unique, each with different needs and aspirations, and what will work for one will not necessarily be the best solution for another. For this reason, at Advantage we take an individual approach and will support you to deliver bespoke solutions tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of each client.

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From the small business owner to the blue-chip multi-national, they all have the protection of their employees and families in mind. With the Advantage suite of health and lifestyle-focused benefits from Iceni International Limited, we have a range of plan options, allowing you to offer your clients a solution which will deliver on their needs, save them and you time, and will help keep costs down. And, with the Advantage Vault online member engagement and enrolment platform, your clients can avoid the costs associated with a flex administration site, a particularly attractive prospect for your small to medium employee base clients.

Since 2004 Iceni International Limited has been delivering comprehensive benefits solutions to a wide range of companies across the UK and Europe. Talk to us today or use our contact form to see how we can deliver innovative solutions for your valued clients.

Employee Benefits doesn't need to be complicated
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