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What is Employee Essentials?

As a small business, it is essential that you have in place protection for your greatest single business asset - your staff. However, finding the time and resources to implement an affordable suite of products can be a distraction which often means that this can be overlooked. Advantage Employee Essentials is our consolidated hybrid solution to this often vexing issue, allowing you to provide for your employees health, wellness & security needs with the purchase of one, single cover.

Conversation between Colleagues

Why is employee welfare so important?

Protecting the health, wellness and security of your employees is vitally important for companies such as yours, for without a healthy, fit and motivated workforce a business simply will not be able to prosper.


​The days when the employee-employer relationship starts and ends with a paycheck are long gone. In today’s world of busy schedules, sitting for extended durations and takeout meals between meetings, employee health and wellness in the workplace is more important than ever, irrespective of your businesses size or sector.


The benefits of a well executed employee health and wellness program speak for themselves, and the tangible benefits for the employer include:

  • Increased productivity

  • High employee morale

  • Improved staff recruitment and retention

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Reduced health risks

  • Greater camaraderie among workers

All of these result in significant and tangible benefits to the employer, and with Advantage Employee Protect, these benefits can be achieved with negligible cost in both time and funding.

For their Health

A comprehensive range of healthcare benefits including

  • Routine & Emergency Dental Treatments

  • Optical Benefit including eye-tests and laser eye surgery

  • Physiotherapy

  • Wellness screening

  • Complementary treatments

  • Physician & consultant services

For their Wellbeing

  • Employee Assistance Program

  • 24 hour Virtual GP Access

  • Employee whistleblowing Service

  • Access to Advantage Rewards retail & lifestyle discounts offers

For their Security

Cyber crime detection

And all for only 85 pence per employee per day!

Employee Essentials Pricing

Employee only cover - £25.85 per month

Employee & partner cover - £51.70 per month

Employee & family cover - £77.55 per month

Employee & child(ren) cover - £51.70 per month

Additionally, all Employee Essentials members enjoy full access to the Advantage Rewards range of retail and lifestyle discounts, providing a wide range of savings on both everyday essentials and those luxuries that make life special.


For a full overview of the benefits available on the Employee Essentials plan, download the PDF below.


Employee health and wellbeing is not a luxury. It is a business imperative. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic crisis has highlighted that employee wellbeing is crucial to business success. Organisations must put employee wellbeing and culture at the center of the workplace in order to thrive and prosper.


Please contact us for additional details and to talk through any questions.

Please note that this is an English language service.

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