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Employee Health & Lifestyle Benefits
Whatever your business sector & number of employees, we have a benefit solution to support you & your workforce

  • Offer your employees a range of essential and relevant Health & Lifestyle benefits they will value
  • Make your place of employment a more attractive place to work
  • Eliminate all the administrative burden of offering a comprehensive benefit program
  • Reduce your payroll tax burden
  • Reduce long term absenteeism among your employees
  • Achieve all these advantages while not increasing the cost of operating your business
  • A range of payment options to suit your specific business needs

For almost twenty years, Advantage Health has been providing dedicated employee benefits solutions for SME to multinational corporate clients. The Advantage Health range of Health & Lifestyle benefits and associated services provide businesses who care about the health of employees and their families with a cost effective way to reward and incentivise their employees.


An effective employee benefit programme provides an excellent opportunity for a company like yours to:


These plans will provide employees with good financial assistance should a health-related problem arise that is covered in the plan. Depending on the benefit, the premium may also be pre-tax, thus lowering the payroll tax liability for the employee and the employer.

Windswept Hair

Practical group & personal policies to cover a wide range of treatments 

Blue Eyes

Understanding Your Healthcare Needs as an Employer and an Individual

Physical Therapy
Conversation between Colleagues

Employee Essentials

Holding Hands

Employee Assistance Programme

Gadget Protect.jpg

Gadget Insurance

Happy Doctor

Online GP Service

Bike Handles

Cycle Insurance

New for 2023

Regardless of the size of your company, it is essential in the modern business environment that your employees have a safe and secure way to raise concerns in the event that they feel there are cases of unethical behaviour in the workplace. As an employer, it is vital that you meet your responsibility to ensure that your staff have an anonymous and secure pathway for raising such concerns.

We are delighted to have teamed up with our colleagues at Eceni OU to bring to the UK their business integrity whistleblowing service, I-Spoke Out. While not a traditional insurance based employee benefit, the importance of providing your employees and stakeholders with an anonymous solution to this often vexing problem cannot be over-stated. For further details please visit

Business Meeting


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Advantage Health & Lifestyle Benefits is a trading name of and are provided by Iceni International Limited, registered in England and Wales 4893269. 

Registered office: Zeppelin Building, 3rd Floor, 59-61 Farringdon Road, London, EC1M 3JB, United Kingdom. Iceni International Limited is registered with the FCA reference 418441. 

Iceni International Limited are Appointed Representatives of Bespoke International Limited. 

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Iceni International Limited is proud to work across the European Union in partnership with our clients and suppliers

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